Message from the Dog… Learning from Great Humans


Message from the Dog… Learning from Great Humans written by Cindy Bertram and Miss Zooey, Cindy’s puppy niece, provides inspiration via  true stories from extraordinary human beings.   And we need that now more than ever. Today the world has been evolving into a digital one with a lack of real human communication –  in person, face to face,  and talking in person rather than texting.  In our book, Message from the Dog…Learning from Great Humans, Miss Zooey (the young lady who walks on 4 legs rather that 2 legs) and I share more about these amazing humans.

They are leaders in their own respective ways, have worked in different industries  and  they truly stand out.  Want to learn more about how Captain Kate McCue actually became the first American woman Captain for Celebrity Cruises®, well-known cruise line? Or how Herb Kelleher, Co-Founder, and past Chairman of Southwest Airlines Co. actually  mapped out an idea (on a napkin) to create and start Southwest Airlines Co.  with a co-founder, which has become one of the most successful airlines today?   Another is  Rudi Schreiner, President and Co-Founder of AmaWaterways™, who  is fondly known as the “Godfather of River Cruising.”  Richard Sasso, Chairman of MSC Cruises® USA,  is one more, who has more than 30+ years leading and successfully growing  different cruise lines even during turbulent times. And Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, Chaplain, Loyola Ramblers Basketball team, became a national inspiration in her role when the team made it into the NCAA Final Four in 2018, as well as when the Loyola Ramblers were in the Sweet Sixteen 2021.

These are just a few of the successful stories we share in our book.  What truly makes a difference today is that very much needed human touch. Yes, learning from great humans!

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How Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today


The fast-paced growth of the cruise industry, from ocean to river cruising, continues to evolve. But one surprising fact? There are an increasing number of women executives in top positions at these different cruise lines.  In her bookHow Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today,Cindy Bertram shares the stories of these women executives. 

Bertram says, “As you know, we have terrific leaders in the cruise industry, both men and women alike. But what is a bit more unusual? We have numerous women executives, and that’s something you don’t see in other industries.”  She explains more and says, “In my book I shared the stories of six different women executives – Ellen Bettridge, Christine Duffy, Kristin Karst, Diane Moore, Edie Rodriguez and Jan Swartz.” 

How they got into the cruise industry and moved up in their careers, along with successfully balancing out their personal family lives while successfully running a cruise line are key things Bertram covers. Bertram details the inspiring stories of  Diane Moore, President, Paul Gauguin Cruises; Ellen Bettridge, President & CEO of Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection®; Edie Rodriguez, Americas Brand Chairman and Corporate Special Advisor, PONANT; Jan Swartz, Group President, Princess Cruises® and Carnival Australia;  Kristin Karst, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner, AmaWaterways™; and Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line®.  

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