Cindy Bertram is an author, writer, marketer, storyteller, and speaker who enjoys traveling.

A nationally published book author herself who has also contributed chapter segments included in different PR NEWS Guidebooks, Cindy Bertram is also well known as an ongoing contributor and writer for over 20 years.  Her expertise and work includes marketing, media, storytelling, public relations, branding, diverse content creation, ghost writing and training. Her high-level creative edge (which was actually ranked 92% by Illinois Institute of Technology) combines well with her business savvy, thanks to her getting her MBA (Master’s Degree in Business Administration) at Loyola University Chicago.

What does it take to bring your story to life, not just being seen, but elevating it to a new level?  And find avenues to connect with others who need your services, your products that your company and your people provide? This is what Cindy Bertram does – “We make your good ship happen by elevating your brand through bringing your stories to life.”

A well-known builder of true genuine relationships and genuine connector, Cindy is passionate about helping people and their businesses, pulling out their real, positive stories, showcasing how they stand out. An accomplished dynamic powerful business and visual storyteller, Cindy can take a “blank page” and then bring that page to life in incredibly unique and special ways. As Cindy says, “You don’t need to be hidden gem.”

A recent example of her  creative edge was writing her well received  book, Message from the Dog…Learning from Great Humans. When Coronavirus (COVID-19) came up so unexpectedly in March 2020, Cindy felt it was critical to focus on sharing positive stories about nationally known great leaders she had personally interacted with herself. Cindy decided it would be good to incorporate a fun dog twist, by writing this with Miss Zooey, her puppy niece. 

Cindy is also passionate about having a positive impact. A real short story she wrote, “A Cruise and a Promise,” where she had part of a positive impact, was published in immensely successful book, Chicken Soup for the Traveler’s Soul. Cindy also  worked with the editor of that book, successfully pitching and secured 5 different national and international paid speaking engagements for him. 

 She has also spoken at different conferences over the years and is currently working on securing some  opportunities to do presentations and  speaking at future conferences. Also in October 2022, after being a guest on different radio and television shows, Cindy was given an opportunity to be the host of her own television show, Good Ship Happens, which airs weekly on PODTV.tv. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys sailing on cruises, relaxing on the ocean, and exploring new places, returning to ones she loves, as well as finding ways to also help “kids who walk on the floor with four feet and not two feet.” And Cindy is working on writing a few more books.