Marketing Communications

Having been an accomplished, diverse writer over the years, Cindy has worked with business owners, assisting them with creative diverse content. Cindy’s expertise includes creating content to fit the best channels – where it will be used. She has taken press release and turned those into articles, along with writing backgrounders, bios and top tips content.

Public Relations

In addition to assisting people and their businesses with different public relations avenues, Cindy’s expertise includes writing press releases, backgrounders, and newsletters, as well as effectively pitching media and securing coverage. Cindy has also contributed chapter sections to three different PR NEWS Writer Guidebooks.


Where do you stand out and what elevates you from the competition. Today it’s been said, “You are a Brand.” Helping people find ways to stand out, what makes them. (and their products/services) special so they are not seen as “just one of many” is what Cindy has worked with people on.


Cindy’s gift and passion for storytelling is best seen through her ongoing diverse writing for the past 20+ years. She also has a short story, “A Cruise and a Promise,” published in Chicken Soup for the Traveler’s Soul.  As a result of her efforts, she was able to get a cruise line to donate two different cruises to a young man’s trust fund, who was a double amputee accident victim. She had met him on a cruise 9 months after he was involved in a near fatal car crash when an 83 year old woman fell asleep at the wheel of her car and hit this young college student head on.

Interviews & Public Speaking Preparation

Over the years, Cindy has done interviews with top level executives for diverse leadership articles she has written. To prepare in advance she pulled together questions and then got those sent in advance to those executives, so when they did the actual interview (via phone or online) everything went very smoothly and was much more productive. She continues to do this. Also, having been a  guest on different radio and television shows, she does advance preparation. And this is another area she helps professionals with.


Utilizing videos in diverse way is something Cindy is passionate about herself, because videos capture immediate attention. One example is her having used GoVideo through Vidyard for the past 9 years. She has a special account with Vidyard which she renews each year. Also she started doing a weekly video series herself in 2020. And can assist professionals with video planning, stories and the preparation involved.

Diverse Content & Marketing Creation

Thanks to her high creative edge (ranked 92% by Illinois Institute of Technology. Cindy has created diverse articles that engage and pull the readers in.  Beyond ghost writing, Cindy has contributed ongoing articles to different trade publications for 20+ years herself, where she customizes the articles to fit the target audiences – the readers.

Public Speaking

In addition to doing presentations herself, Cindy’s background also includes previously teaching public speaking. And she was an active member of the Loyola University Toastmasters Club for a few years.

Ghost Writing

Cindy has done diverse ghost writing over the years for companies and businesses. One was doing ongoing ghost writing for a national association and a special publication they published with another association.  Also she has helped a professional business owner with writing diverse marketing pieces for him to incorporate in as special marketing project.


Cindy has presented diverse workshops at different conferences herself, and through this has elevated her training expertise in new ways.


In addition to presenting presentations herself including workshops, Cindy has assisted business owners with this as well. One was a business owner that she coached and assisted him with his presentation. He then won the Chicago competition, and then became one of the ten national finalists in the Samuel Adams’ Brewing the American Dream.

Social Media Strategies

Areas of social media continue to change along with the audiences that embrace those different channels. In Cindy’s work, she has added more social media channels herself, along with using ones that best fit the audiences and markets. And she has assisted business professionals with this.

Book Writing

Cindy has written two books herself. The first book she wrote and got published in fall 2018, How Six Women Executives Steer the Cruise Industry Today,  shared real stories of women cruise line executives and how they moved up in their careers.  Her second book, Message from the Dog…Learning from Great Humans, which she wrote and got published in August 2021, shares inspiring true stories about wonderful true leaders that she has been fortunate to know. She did the fun dog twist writing this with Miss Zooey, to relieve some of the stress people were feeling when Coronavirus (COVID-19) came up so unexpectedly in March 2020. And in 2022, Cindy also worked with a well renowned  international chef on updating and improving a book he has been working on for a few years.

Editing & Proofreading

Thanks to her having a BA in Communications including English and grammar, along with being an ongoing contributing writer, Cindy’s expertise in editing and proofreading is another strength she has. One example was working with a professional writing his first book, where she assisted him with editing and proofreading his draft.