Cindy Bertram’s expertise in public speaking includes creating and presenting workshops at different conferences over the years as well as being the opening speaker for a special PR NEWS’ conference. And she is available to do presentations and speaking.


“Pawsitivity Breeds Pawsitivity”

“Be the Human App”

“Ways to Create Customer Loyalty…Be the Behind the Scenes Miracle Worker”

“Don’t Be a Boss …Be a Real Leader”

“How to Build Genuine, True Relationships & then Connect Great People with Other Great People”

“Don’t Be a Hidden Gem”

“From Ship to Shore…How the Best Top Executives Have Successfully Done This and How They Lead By Example”

“The C Suite Executive Needs to Leave the C Suite Corporate Office on a Regular Basis” (One of the examples I’ll share include Herb Kelleher, the Founder and Former Chairman of Southwest Airlines)

“Key Things We Can Learn from a Dog”